A Smile Makeover Really Can Fit Any Budget!

When you smile at yourself in the mirror, are you pleased with what you see?  Perhaps you see yellowed or worn teeth, cracks or chips.  Maybe your teeth are crooked or misshapen. Discolored and uneven teeth can affect your smile, confidence, and even the impression you make on others. Fortunately, there are treatments for all of these things, and they can fit into any budget!

 Get Your Whites Whiter!

Tooth whitening is one of the most affordable cosmetic care treatments available.  It is a simple, easy procedure that Dr. Agarwal can customize for your smile.  The trays are fitted to your teeth and the initial treatment takes place here at our office. You’ll be able to take the trays and remaining gel home with you for future touch ups.  This basic treatment is typically the first step before most other cosmetic procedures, but it is transformative on its own. Even if you have other shape or alignment issues with your teeth, making them shiny white can make other minor imperfections less glaring.

Cover the Chips and Cracks

Remember when you were a kid and you chipped your tooth? Perhaps it happened when you flew over the handlebars of your bike or at the skating rink. Maybe you just bit down on something too hard. Chipped, cracked teeth can be an eyesore and may be the vulnerable area that draws tooth decay.  Bonding, a process much like filling a tooth, reconstructs the missing area of the tooth and seals over cracks in the surface. With bonding, you can even fill in small imperfections, like a slightly too wide space between your front teeth. Depending on the situation, insurance may even cover parts of this typically cosmetic restoration, making it even more budget friendly!

A Hollywood Smile!

The most dramatic way to makeover your smile is with veneers.  Whether using traditional porcelain veneers or newer micro-thin veneers, the treatment can give you a whole new look.  Veneers are custom designed to create the smile you want with long (but not too long), well-formed, white teeth. They can cover a multitude of dental flaws like chips, cracks, crooked, twisted, stained, narrow or too small teeth. Not only do they let you present a more beautiful, confident smile, they protect the teeth behind them!  You still need to practice excellent dental hygiene to keep the area around the veneer healthy, but your smile is drastically protected from unwanted discoloration.

No matter your budget, Raleigh Dental Arts has a solution to keep your teeth healthy and let your smile shine.  Not only do we have budget friendly plans, but our treatment coordinators can help you find a payment plan that works for you as well. There are lots of options for treatments that fit your personal needs or expectations.  Don’t put off the dental treatment you deserve.  Our caring and professional staff are waiting to see you.  Call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Agarwal today!