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wisdom teeth

Four Things to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

Your third set of molars can sometimes be more trouble than they’re worth.  They come in during your late teen years, pressing against other teeth, causing pain, jaw problems, and even decay in otherwise healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth don’t make you any wiser, but they can give you a headache – literally!  Here are four

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Three Extracurriculars Where Invisalign Shines

As you prepare to send your children back to school, you probably have a set of lists: final summer activities to do, supplies to purchase, lunches to try, forms to fill out, dates to put on your calendar, doctor appointments to go to. Hopefully, you’ve made arrangements to have their teeth cleaned and checked before

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You Don’t Have to Keep Snoring!

Sleep apnea: it’s more than snoring, though that’s often how it starts. In the most severe cases, the central nervous system’s attempts to get oxygen to result in several periods of wakefulness through the night. Most people don’t realize they are waking up so much or how little sleep they are getting. But ongoing apnea

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Sleep study

Why Do I Need A Sleep Study?

When patients find out that Dr. Agarwal can make an oral appliance to help with snoring, one of their first questions is, “Why do I need a sleep study?” Though sleep medicine and dentistry overlap through the treatment of sleep apnea and bruxism, they remain two different branches of medicine. A sleep study is an

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