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wisdom teeth

Four Things to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

Your third set of molars can sometimes be more trouble than they’re worth.  They come in during your late teen years, pressing against other teeth, causing pain, jaw problems, and even decay in otherwise healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth don’t make you any wiser, but they can give you a headache – literally!  Here are four

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smile makeover 101

Smile Makeover 101

Your smile is your best first impression. Think about it. You can tell if a person’s smile is forced or natural, cynical or hopeful, proud or friendly. Your smile says a lot about you; is it saying the right thing? Maybe you think your teeth could be straighter to make you look more successful. Perhaps

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Three Patients Who Can Benefit from Invisalign

Braces and clear aligners both have advantages for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign, in particular, is a great treatment for many patients with mild to moderate alignment problems. There are a few conditions, like teeth that need vertical alignment correction, that might be better served with traditional braces. But these three patients can reap the benefits of

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