Sleep Apnea

You Don’t Have to Keep Snoring!

Sleep apnea: it’s more than snoring, though that’s often how it starts. In the most severe cases, the central nervous system’s attempts to get oxygen to result in several periods of wakefulness through the night. Most people don’t realize they are waking up so much or how little sleep they are getting. But ongoing apnea

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Sleep study

Why Do I Need A Sleep Study?

When patients find out that Dr. Agarwal can make an oral appliance to help with snoring, one of their first questions is, “Why do I need a sleep study?” Though sleep medicine and dentistry overlap through the treatment of sleep apnea and bruxism, they remain two different branches of medicine. A sleep study is an

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sleep apnea, tmj, cmd

Sleep Apnea and TMJ/ TMD

Every morning, you wake up feeling like you’ve been chewing the same piece of gum for hours on end. Your jaw aches. Your head aches. You want to go back to sleep, but that’s not going to help anything today.   The joint where your mandible meets the rest of your skull is called the temporomandibular

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Living with obstructive Sleep Apnea

Living With Obstructive Sleep Apnea

You snore a lot. You know a diagnosis of sleep apnea will mean sleeping with a mask strapped to your face every night for the rest of your life. So you resist. Before you make that decision to ignore a major health problem, let’s talk about what happens when you live with sleep apnea, and if

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Sleep and Your Growing Child

When you bring your baby home from the hospital, one of the most common pieces of advice given is “Sleep when your baby sleeps.” That can be a hard thing to live up to since newborns sleep round the clock, and you, as much as you might like to sleep, have the responsibilities of adulthood

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“You’re Snoring Again! Turn Over!”

How many times has your sleep partner said this to you in the middle of the night?  How many times has your snoring woken you up on its own? You probably know it already, but snoring can be a key symptom of sleep apnea, a life-threatening condition in which you stop breathing while you sleep! 

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You Have Options For Sleep Apnea Treatment!

Sleep Apnea is a troublesome condition.  It interrupts your rest, makes you feel miserable, and ultimately threatens your life. And you aren’t the only one affected by it. Your sleep partner wakes up to your snoring and lies there counting the seconds until you breath again. Your job suffers because you are sleepy all day

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What Can I Expect from a Sleep Study?

“Sleep Study” Maybe those words make you think of a large, sterile room with a window on one side for people to watch you, or beeping machines and people coming and going all day and night. None of this would be very relaxing, which conflicts with the whole purpose of the sleep study. Sleep labs

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