Dental Anxiety: Extreme Edition

Have you ever watched BBC’s program, “Call the Midwife”? The show is a dramatization based on real events, set in post WWII London- the late fifties and early sixties. One particular episode revolved around dental hygiene. A young mother, probably in her early thirties at the oldest, was at the end of her pregnancy with a mouth full of rotten teeth.

The makeup artists did a particularly good job on this episode, because you could see exactly how bad her teeth were: brown-yellow with black spots streaking through. Absolutely horrifying. But as frightening and painful as her teeth were, this young mother was so terrified of the dental experience, she would rather have had her husband pull her teeth with a dirty pair of pliers than to go see a dentist.

She had to be coaxed, persuaded and hand held just to get her to open her mouth for a professional to look inside. There were multiple abscessed teeth, and in the end, the case was so severe that they all had to come out.

Thankfully for this particular story, the dentist used what seemed to be a high dose of “laughing gas” in order to sedate her, and was able to procure a full set of dentures in short order. It’s amazing what can be done with a little bit of Hollywood Magic!


Not Far From Reality

In all seriousness, extreme dental anxiety leading to the loss of multiple teeth happens more frequently than dentists want it to. We are doctors and oral wellness experts, and we seek our patients’ best health, with no desire to cause hurt or pain. Unfortunately, earlier, more primitive practices and practitioners have left a lingering distrust or fear of the dentist and the dental arts.

At Raleigh Dental Arts, we can walk you through an entire appointment, explaining what we do, which methods we use, and what to expect. However, this type of approach may not work for everyone.

We are proud to offer another option to our patients: sedation dentistry. With a small pill, we are able to provide you a comfortable, relaxed experience.  You’ll be able to respond to Dr. Agarwal and his team, but will most likely feel like you are asleep, and remember very little after the fact.


Overcome Your Fear

In modern America, there are typically two reasons people don’t make it to the dentist: fear and lack of resources. But not caring for your teeth has some pretty horrific consequences: rot, decay, gum disease, abscesses, extreme pain, etc., and those are just what happens in your mouth.

Poor oral health is also related to heart disease, kidney failure, infertility, miscarriage, and a host of other health issues.

Most dentists offer a way around one or both “reasons” for skipping your appointments through sedation dentistry and dental health financing like CareCredit or in-house payment plans. But don’t let fear or finances dictate your health; set up your dental sedation appointment today. Let our Raleigh Dental Arts team help you take charge of your fear and your dental health.