Four Reasons to Get Dental Implants

Four Reasons to Get Dental Implants

Whether you’ve had one tooth removed or several, you’ll need a reliable solution to fill in the gaps left behind.

Dentures are a traditional way to replace missing teeth, but are they really the best option? You might want to correct your smile with a permanent dental implant. The biocompatible metal implant bonds with your jaw, strengthening the bone and securing your new “tooth” in place. There are a number of benefits to dental implants, both practical and cosmetic.

For instance…

Preserve Your Remaining Teeth

Sometimes a tooth is so badly decayed that there is no other option but to remove it. Surrounding teeth have to bear the additional weight of your biting forces, which can cause them to move, or break. 

Additionally, the open socket in your jaw will close, then narrow down to a thin edge which can cause other teeth to shift, tilt, or become loose. A dental implant, immediately or soon after extraction, helps keep the rest of your teeth healthy!

Keep Your Full Facial Structure

If you’re ever in a Cracker Barrel or an antique shop, take a look at some of the old pictures. Notice how sunken in looking the faces are of people from years’ past. That hollowed out look is due to bone loss in the jaw after losing teeth. You won’t see the effects immediately, but in 10 or 20 years, you’ll see that it has impacted not only your jaw, but the surrounding bones and facial tissues that lay over the area.

Bone deterioration spreads. An Implant in the right place helps prevent the degeneration, and fills out the face where your missing tooth once stood. You won’t experience the hollow gauntness that comes when you’ve lost teeth and bone density.

A More Natural Look to Your Smile

Poorly designed dentures are pretty easy to spot. There is a sameness to the teeth when a person smiles, and a slight slurring when they speak.

Dental implants, on the other hand, look and feel natural. The titanium implant is topped with a dental crown. In some instances, a custom made dental arch may be created to sit over a base of four implants. They are a beautiful, natural looking alternative to dentures and won’t slip out of place.

Chewing/Speaking Function

Not only do dental implants provide enhanced aesthetics, they also offer a more natural function.

Dentures don’t always stay in the same spot. They slip around the mouth while eating and cause excess noise when you talk. You have to take them out to for cleaning, sometimes even soaking them in a cup.

Implants become a part of your mouth, just like your natural teeth. You can talk, eat, and drink like you always have. Practicing excellent hygiene is still a priority, but it will only encompass the twice daily brushing and flossing that you should already be doing.

Implant Consultations in Raleigh

Dental implants are the gold standard in modern tooth replacement treatments. They look, feel, and behave like your natural teeth.

If you are ready to ditch the dentures or fill the gaps in your grin, contact Raleigh Dental Arts for a consultation. With his training and expertise with dental implants, Dr. Agarwal can help you regain a beautiful, healthy smile!