Four Times Sedation Dentistry Helps Our Patients

If you’ve never experienced sedation dentistry, you might wonder what all the hype is about. But even people without dental anxiety can benefit from sedation dentistry.  Check out these four times that sedation helped our patients:

Getting a Filling

Megan got all the way through college with good strong teeth. She never had to have braces and never even had a filling.  But at her checkup after her 25th birthday the dentist discovered a small cavity that needed to be filled. Megan had never felt any nervousness over her dental visits before, but she had also never had a shot in her jaw or had a dental drill in her mouth.  She was, perhaps, a little scared.  Dr. Agarwal suggested that a light sedative might help her to be calm in the chair. When she arrived, about 30 minutes before her appointment time, she took the oral sedative and was able to relax for the entire procedure.

Oral Surgery

At 67, Shirley’s teeth were getting weaker and weaker. There was simply too much wear and tear for them to be healthy. She decided on dental implants to replace her lower arch but was nervous about the surgery. She had previously had reactions to general anesthesia and didn’t want that option. Oral sedation allowed her to relax and almost sleep through the procedure, but she was just awake enough to cooperate with Dr. Agarwal.  Her implants and all-on-four denture were fitted in one appointment; she went home with a new set of teeth and no sickness.

Longer Procedures

 Jeff had an agonizing toothache. He didn’t have dental insurance, so it took a long time for him to decide to come see Dr. Agarwal. X-Rays showed that he had a cracked molar with an enormous cavity and infection in the root. A root canal and crown weren’t even an option for restoration; the tooth had to be removed. Jeff was in so much distress from the infected root, that the thought of anyone getting near that tooth with dental tools filled him with dread. With oral sedation, and a little local anesthetic, he was able to be calm and relaxed as Dr. Agarwal removed the abscessed tooth. Later he said he didn’t even know what was going on before he woke back up!

Full Mouth Reconstruction

 Nancy came to us after a terrible car accident shattered her smile.  Not only were her front teeth gone, but her lower jaw had been broken leaving most of her molars fractured or cracked. She needed several procedures, resulting in a full mouth reconstruction case. After a long convalescence, she wanted to get as much done in one sitting as possible.  Oral sedation allowed us to combine several procedures into one long procedure without overtaxing her stamina.

Not everyone needs oral sedation for dental work.  But for people with severe dental anxiety, situational anxiety, or simply the desire to get a long procedure done and over with, it can be a lifesaver.  If you’re interested in how oral sedation can make your dental visit easier, call our Raleigh office for more information!