Painless dentistry

Painless Dentistry Is the Solution to Your Fear and Dental Phobia

Are you one of the many people who cringe at the thought of having to get dental work done? Fear of pain and discomfort is a huge reason why many individuals delay going through with their dental treatment.  What if we told you that you can experience painless dentistry in Raleigh with little to no recollection of what even occurred during the procedure? 

Yes, it is possible. In fact, there are a few different options that may be available to you!

Nitrous Oxide

This is an inhalation analgesic that is more commonly referred to as “laughing gas”. The gas is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. It’s administered by breathing it in via a soft mask that fits over your nose. 

Nitrous is a popular choice among patients because it works very well and has been used for years to effectively calm nerves. It’s also a great option for those that need to get in and out of the office quickly, without a deeper sedative. It takes effect quickly, and once the procedure is over, the sedation is gone and you’re good to drive yourself home.  

Oral Sedation

Unlike other sedation options, oral, or conscious sedation, doesn’t require a mask that might make you feel claustrophobic, and there’s no need for needles to be inserted into your arm. 

Oral sedation is as simple as taking one or two small pills ahead of your appointment.  This method does require you to have a driver, because it has a lingering amnesic effect. If taken far enough in advance, you’ll feel relaxed and ready to get started with your procedure once you arrive at the office. 

This sedation method is also called conscious sedation because it doesn’t completely “knock you out.”  Rather, it puts you in a twilight-like feel, where you have no care in the world of what’s happening around you. With this form of relaxation, our Raleigh dental staff can still speak to you during the procedure and you can respond when spoken to (though you may not remember it.)

IV Sedation

IV Sedation is a deeper form of sedation than the two methods previously mentioned. As the name states, it’s administered through an IV via a small needle in your arm. Like the other options, this method doesn’t render you unconscious, but most people go through the procedure very comfortably with no recollection afterward.

Which Option Is Best for You?

We recommend that you visit our Raleigh sedation dentist for a consultation to determine what treatment you need, and so we can evaluate your concerns and level of anxiety. The type of work that needs to be done, the length of time it will take, your schedule, as well as your health, are all things that we’ll take into consideration when deciding which sedation method is right for you.

Our goal is for you to have a pleasant experience during your stay at Raleigh Dental Arts. We aim to keep you comfortable so that you won’t dread returning time and time again. Give us a call today to learn more about painless dentistry in Raleigh!