Lip and Tongue Tie

Lip and Tongue Tie Revisions in Raleigh, NC

We use our state of the art dental laser to gently release lip and tongue-ties with minimal, if any, discomfort and bleeding.

Approximately 4% to 10% of infants are born with a restricted lip or tongue, what are commonly called a "lip-ties" and a "tongue-ties".  If left untreated, they may result in problems during growth and development by restricting normal tongue and lip movement.

  • Shallow or Weak Latch
  • Clicking Sounds During Feeding
  • Frequent Reflux or Spit Up
  • Gassy Tummy or Colicky
  • Fatigue During Feeding
  • Excessively Frequent Feeding
  • Sucking Blister or Callus
  • Slow or No Weight Gain
  • Uncomfortable Breastfeeding
What is a lip and/or tongue tie?

Tongue-tie, "ankyloglossia", is a condition present at birth that restricts the tongue's range of motion.  There is a short, thick or tight band of tissue, called a "frenum", that locks the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.  A lip-tie is similar to the tongue-tie except the thick band affects the upper lip.

What is the treatment for lip and/or tongue tie?

If left untreated, lip ties and tongue ties may result in problems during growth and development.

A 'frenectomy' is a simple surgical procedure that releases the tight connective tissue under the tongue and/or the upper lip.  At Raleigh Dental Arts, we utilize a state-of-the-art soft tissue dental laser to perform the procedure.  This laser is minimally invasive, can be used without local anesthesia, there is no need for stitches, and there is minimal, if any, post procedural discomfort.  Often children are able to latch immediately after release.  Complete healing typically takes around 7 days.

If your child suffers from lip and/or tongue tie, Dr. Leedy and the Raleigh Dental Arts team are here to help!

Dr. Nathaniel Leedy - Your Trusted Choice for Infant and Child Laser Frenenctomy

Dr. Nathaniel Leedy is a 2008 graduate from Temple University School of Dentistry.  He has also completed additional training for tongue and lip tie laser treatment at Tufts University.

Your first step is a consultation with Dr. Leedy to determine if laser revision treatment is appropriate for your child.  The team at Raleigh Dental Arts is prepared to preform laser treatment on the same day as your consultation.

Dr. Leedy works closely with local lactation consultants, pediatric chiropractors, and speech therapists to ensure collaborative care for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions
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