smile makeover 101

Smile Makeover 101

Your smile is your best first impression.

Think about it. You can tell if a person’s smile is forced or natural, cynical or hopeful, proud or friendly. Your smile says a lot about you; is it saying the right thing? Maybe you think your teeth could be straighter to make you look more successful. Perhaps the gaps you were born with make you think you look like a cast member from Deliverance. Or it might simply be that your five-cup- of-coffee- a-day habit has stained your teeth to the extent that they look more brown than white. There is hope to repair and restore your smile, and Dr. Agarwal can help you get there.

Get Straight with Invisalign

Straighter teeth are actually healthier teeth. They are easier to brush, floss, and clean. Cleaner teeth mean less bacteria, plaque, and risk of periodontal disease. Traditional bracket and wire braces are good at straightening your teeth over time, but they require an investment
of time in treatment and the orthodontist’s chair that many people just can’t or don’t want to give. Furthermore, braces are conspicuous. Even ceramic braces, though better than metal, are noticeable when you smile and talk. Invisalign plastic aligners are an inconspicuous, easy to clean, comparatively fast treatment to move your teeth into the healthiest and most aesthetically pleasing positions.

Cover Poorly Shaped Teeth with Veneers

Not everyone’s teeth are built the same. Some are small, some are long, some are narrow, it all comes down to the random chance of genetics. But most people aren’t dealt a royal flush or even a full house when it comes to their teeth. While there are ways to straighten and whiten your smile, a mouth full of poorly shaped teeth could make you feel self-conscious. Veneers are designed to cover those teeth and provide you with a beautiful, movie star quality smile. Traditional veneers require removing a thin layer of enamel, but newer no prep options are thinner and preserve more of your original tooth structure. Either way, you will be able to flash your teeth confidently, knowing that you have a beautiful result possible.

Remove Stains and Spots

Even if you maintain the best dental hygiene, a yellow or brown smile says otherwise. Raleigh Dental Arts offers in-office and at-home whitening to take those stains away and make your teeth look as bright and clean as possible. It’s a great foundation for your perfect smile: whitening before treatment lets us match the new crown or bridge to your whitest white. Or, you can have whitening as a stand-alone treatment to help you look and feel more confident. No matter what your cosmetic dental health goal, Dr. Tarun Agarwal can get you there. Contact our Raleigh office today to schedule your consultation!