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Five Major Health Concerns that are Predicted by your dental

Five Major Health Concerns That Are Predicted by Your Dental Health!

Heart Disease, Infertility, Miscarriage, Osteoporosis, Respiratory Disease, Diabetes, and Gum Disease… These conditions don’t seem like they’re related, but they are. They’re connected by a thread as thin and as strong as the dental floss that can help prevent them: Periodontal and dental health. Reversing oral infections could be the first step to lowering your

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Menopause and Your Teeth

Menopause. It’s a word that’s often spoken quietly. Half the population goes through it, and the other half of doesn’t want to know anything about it. Your body changes: the skin and hair get drier and lose elasticity and shine. Your nails may become brittle, your bones also. They lose mass and density as your

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