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Three Dental Appointments You Shouldn’t Put Off

Few people enjoy going to the dentist. Sitting in a weird recliner, holding your mouth open while trying to figure out when to swallow is no one’s idea of a vacation… But taking care of your teeth is an important part of staying healthy.

Delaying regular or emergency dental care can have a lasting effect on your overall health, even years later.  Even if you are afraid of the dentist or worry about not being able to pay for what your insurance doesn’t cover, Dr Agarwal and the team at Raleigh Dental Arts can help you.

Here are the most important times to see a dentist:

  • Your Six Month Checkup
  • When a Tooth Breaks
  • When You’re in Pain

Think Twice!

Brushing your teeth twice a day is a habit that hopefully has been ingrained in your mind since childhood. You should have your teeth cleaned twice a year, too! Six months between cleanings is enough time between visits to keep your teeth health on your own. But it’s also enough time for small changes to begin to show up; so you can maintain your teeth with the help of a great dentist instead of chasing the effects of decay around your mouth.

Most insurance companies pay for two cleanings each year. But even if you don’t have insurance, you can’t afford to skip your cleanings!

Broken Tooth Blues

Any time one of your teeth breaks, it comes as a surprise. Though it sometimes happens during sports or when chewing something sticky, it could also happen when you’re eating something as soft as a piece of bread or a bowl of oatmeal.

When it happens, stop. Rinse your mouth with water, and call Raleigh Dental Arts for an appointment with Dr. Agarwal.  You don’t want to leave your broken tooth open for any length of time; bacteria and decay can enter and cause infection in your tooth and gums.

The Pain Won’t Just Go Away

Pain is your body’s warning system; it tells you when something is wrong. Without treatment, the problem will only get worse. T

his is as true for your mouth as it is for your bones or heart! Dental pain tells you there are teeth out of alignment, that you’re grinding them at night, or that you have an infection somewhere.

Whatever the cause, it needs treatment to prevent a larger problem from developing! Minor pain or temperature sensitivity should be checked out and treated quickly to prevent larger cavities or abscesses a few months later. 

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Some people have a paralyzing fear of going to the dentist, even for a regular cleaning. Others are simply afraid of not being able to pay their dental bills.

Dr. Agarwal does not want you to fear getting dental care. Sedation is available for individuals with dental anxiety; depending on the level of sedation required, you might not even remember your appointment!

If you’re afraid that treatment will cost too much, ask about our flexible payment plans. Your dental health is too important to put off. At Raleigh Dental Arts, we make every effort to work with you and keep your mouth healthy!