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Three Things to Know About Your Smile and Cosmetic Dentistry

When you have a love/hate relationship with your smile, you might start looking at cosmetic dentistry as a quick way to fix it! But don’t rush into things before doing your research.  Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way; there is a large selection of treatments to choose from, but you may not need a lot.

Whatever you do need, Dr Agarwal of Raleigh Dental Arts can help you achieve a smile that you’ll love! But first, here are a few things you should know:

Let’s Get This “Straight”

Your teeth may not be as bad as you think! Rather than getting veneers to cover crooked teeth, check out Invisalign as an alternative. Invisalign acts like braces, guiding your teeth into better alignment with one another. Unlike braces, Invisalign is clear, so no one will know you’re wearing it, and it is removable, so you’ll be able to keep it clean and eat whatever you want.

Don’t Leave A Gap

There are two kinds of spaces in your smile: natural spaces between teeth, and gaps left by a tooth that has been removed. Depending on the reason for your spacing woes and how many “unsightly” gaps you have, there are several options to make your teeth beautiful again:

  • Invisalign to straighten and move teeth together
  • Bonding to other teeth to reduce the appearance of gaps
  • Bridges to stabilize the space between two teeth where a tooth has been removed
  • Dental Implants to replace a missing tooth and strengthen the jaw
  • Veneers to cover many crooked and poorly spaced teeth with a glossy, aesthetically pleasing, porcelain cover.


Start with A Blank Slate

Regardless of which corrective cosmetic treatment is right for you, there is one treatment to do before any other: whitening. With bonding, bridges, crowns, implants, and veneers, the new surface is created to match the rest of your teeth. This surface won’t change colour the way your natural teeth will; it won’t get yellower, and it also won’t be affected by a whitening treatment.

In order to make the most of your new smile, whitening beforehand allows us to match treatment to your new tooth surface, for better overall results. And if you ever decide to whiten later, your porcelain surfaces won’t look shades darker than the rest of your sparkling white teeth!

Consult with The Best

No matter what cosmetic treatment you’re planning to have done, you want to make sure you see a dentist who is qualified and experienced in aesthetics. Not all dentists have the same amount of training and experience; pick a professional who is nationally known for his quality of work, who also trains other dentists in newer procedures.  Pick a dentist who has a consistently high satisfaction rating from his patients.

At Raleigh Dental Arts, Dr Agarwal has committed his time not only to high-quality treatments for his patients but also to training other dentists with high-performance standards. Call our Raleigh office for a consultation appointment and find out how Dr Agarwal can help you get a fresh new smile!