When Your Smile Doesn’t Make You Happy

If you feel self-conscious about your smile, you are less likely to smile at others, to get the rush of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins they provide. You won’t get the mood boost, or the decrease in blood pressure. In fact, you may simply feel more stressed by your teeth!


There are several reasons you might be unhappy with your grin: discoloration, overbite, alignment. Or maybe, your teeth are narrow, long, and unevenly spaced. No matter how well you care for them, you can’t correct spacing, bite, or alignment without professional intervention. And while those some of those things can be fixed with Invisalign or whitening, the size and shape of your teeth can’t.


Dr. Agarwal has the solution for you in the form of porcelain veneers. Veneers are micro-thin covers for your teeth that can make thin, uneven teeth fuller and more uniform. You’ll be able to smile confidently and enjoy the positive vibes that come from spreading happiness! Call us today to find out how you can smile with confidence again.


Two Options for a Smile Makeover

When you decide that you are unsatisfied with your smile, it may take you some time to figure out exactly what you don’t like. Three cosmetic concerns are most common, and most easily corrected with cosmetic dentistry: coloration, chips, and gaps. You could go the orthodontic route toward fixing gaps, but even Invisalign can’t correct chips or yellowing.

Raleigh Dental Arts is proud to be able to offer two more solutions to makeover your teeth so you can smile with confidence:


A Whiter Brighter Smile

Remember that commercial where the guy smiles and his teeth are yellower than a lemon? It turns off the woman he’s trying to impress and might even sell you on the product it was promoting. Unfortunately, the whitening toothpastes and gels you find at the grocery and drug stores can’t offer the level of color change or the long lasting results that professional whitening can offer.

Dr. Agarwal offers both in-office treatments as well as a take home trays for touch ups. You smile will get up to eight shades lighter in just a couple of weeks!

Whitening can also be used in conjunction with other treatments. In fact, we recommended it while using Invisalign and prior to having veneers, bonding or visible crowns placed. That way, once your treatments are completed, you’ll have a beautifully aligned, gleaming smile.


What About Those Gaps and Chips?

Typically, the best way to fix alignment issues is with orthodontics, but not everyone wants to spend 18-24 months with trays or braces. And of course braces can’t fix chipped, worn teeth. Porcelain veneers are an excellent choice to even out your teeth, close out gaps, and correct the look of a chipped tooth.


What’s Involved?

Before beginning the process of fitting you for veneers, Dr. Agarwal and our treatment coordinator will sit with you to talk about your desired results. There is some prep work involved before veneers can be fitted to your teeth.

To begin, we will take some measurements of your teeth, to ensure the veneers are created with the correct outside dimensions. Then, in order to make sure they aren’t too big in your mouth, we remove a thin portion of your enamel and take impressions to send to the dental lab. We’ll send you home with temporary veneers to prevent any sensitivity.

It will take about two weeks for your veneers to come back from the lab, then we will affix them permanently to your teeth. You’ll find that they are a stain resistant, pain free, and long lasting way to preserve and cover your natural smile.

Whether you want to erase years of staining or erase the signs of discoloration, chips, and gaps that have happened over the years, Raleigh Dental Arts has solutions to work for you. We don’t allow insurance to dictate your level of care, but want to help you get an affordable smile that helps you feel proud and confident. Your dental health is our priority. Call us today to schedule a consultation!