Your Smile Lights Up Your Face

A smile can light up the room. It can make the first time you meet memorable; give a stranger a reason to trust; or make someone’s day brighter.

But when your teeth are not as white as pearls, and seem to be closer to the color of butter or bananas, you might be less likely to share your smile with the world. In fact, you might not smile at all. Other troubles like twisted or missing teeth, can make you keep your mouth closed even when you have something important to say!

When you feel self-conscious about how your smile looks, keeping it hidden will impact those impressions you had been hoping to make. It might even have the opposite impact that you want, making others perceive that you’re unfriendly or unhappy.

Make Your Teeth Shine Again

Raleigh Dental Arts specializes in creating new smiles for our patients, regardless of what yours has been through in the past.

We offer an array of cosmetic procedures, including whitening, veneers, implants, and Invisalign. Each of these offers, in its own way, a method of correcting aesthetic defects or flaws in your smile. Whitening, in particular, is a quick and painless procedure for you to have done on short notice. The trays are cut and filled to fit your teeth. Once the office visit is complete, you can take the trays and extra whitening home for touch ups!

A Clean Foundation

One of the great things about having your teeth whitened is that it provides a great foundation for other cosmetic treatments.

Think of teeth whitening as a base coat. Veneers are so thin that light that some of them even allow a small hint of color to  show through. The whiter the teeth underneath, the more luminescent the effects of the porcelain shells. Plus, the teeth adjacent to your veneers will be brighter to match and blend in.

Invisalign can also be completed alongside of whitening; the clear trays are less visible with whiter teeth, and as your smile is slowly straightened, it already looks brighter and healthier. Even implants work better after a whitening treatment: while the new tooth will never discolor, matching it to the lightest shade possible helps it to blend in best.

Don’t Hide Your Smile

Your teeth are one of the best accessories to wear when you need to make a great first impression. But if your smile is crooked, discolored or there are missing teeth, you may be hiding your shine.

You’ve probably heard of ways to whiten or clean your teeth at home.  There may be merit to some of them, like using a paste of baking soda and peroxide on your teeth. Others, like applying citrus peels to your teeth, can be very damaging. At Raleigh Dental Arts, we take pride in using the most recent techniques and safest practices for our patients so they don’t feel like they need to rely on DIY experiments.

Call us today for a consultation. We can take care of your whitening and then make a treatment plan for veneers or Invisalign in the future.