“You’re Snoring Again! Turn Over!”

How many times has your sleep partner said this to you in the middle of the night?  How many times has your snoring woken you up on its own? You probably know it already, but snoring can be a key symptom of sleep apnea, a life-threatening condition in which you stop breathing while you sleep!  If it sounds scary to you, think about how it sounds to your family!


But A Mask Will Scare My Child/Spouse/Dog, etc…

Thankfully, sleep apnea can be treated and is not a death sentence! You’ve probably heard of the device called a CPAP, which blows a steady stream of air through your nose to keep your airway from collapsing.  The problem with it is that it requires you to sleep with a mask over your face or nose; a lot of people are really uncomfortable with looking like Darth Vader when they go to sleep! And unfortunately, a lot of people let that thought prevent them from getting help for their sleep apnea.


Dental Appliance For The Sleep Deprived.

If you have mild or moderate sleep apnea, there is another way to treat the disorder and Dr. Agarwal can help you out! A mouthguard for sleep apnea repositions the jaw while you sleep, preventing your airway from closing.  This is a small, discreet appliance that can easily be placed in your pocket or purse for travel.  It doesn’t require electricity or water, and can be cleaned the same way you clean your teeth.


How Long Will It Take To Get One?

Actually creating the mouthguard does not take long at all. But there are some steps that you have to take before we can make one for you.  First, you’ll need to be seen by a doctor for a sleep study to determine how severe your apnea is. After the sleep study, talk to your doctor about options, whether or not a mouthguard for apnea is appropriate for you.  Once you have decided that it is, you’ll need to come to our Raleigh office so that we can take impressions of your teeth to make your custom appliance. We’ll send the impressions to our dental lab and in a week or two they will send your oral sleep appliance back to us. Since the appliance is considered a medical treatment, your medical insurance will probably cover it, too!


Lots of People Snore. Do I Really Need To Do Anything?

Whether you realize it or not, sleep apnea can affect your entire life, not just your sleep.  You will have no energy and may wake up with headaches on a daily basis. Your blood pressure can sky-rocket. You won’t be able to concentrate, and every time you sit down, you’ll feel the overwhelming urge to close your eyes for sleep.  And You. Stop. Breathing.

From start to finish, diagnosis and treatment is not a lengthy process. You should feel the results of your oral sleep appliance the first day you wake up from a full night’s sleep and then wonder why you waited so long to get one! Call Raleigh Dental Arts today to schedule a consultation.