Dental Veneers Process: What to Expect

Dental veneers are one of the best ways to drastically transform your smile. The dental veneers process begins with a consultation and digital smile design allowing you to see what’s possible before the treatment even starts. You can even explore different materials so that the cost of dental veneers fit into your personal budget.

If you’re thinking of getting a smile makeover or making the investment in a set of custom veneers, here’s everything you need to know about the process:



Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

The dental veneers process is known for creating the appearance of straighter, whiter, properly shaped teeth. If you have small gaps between teeth, crowding, or misshaped/chipped enamel, then our digital smile design can show you what’s possible. Envision what your before and after results will look like before the physical veneers are actually placed!

Veneers are ideal for people who have a healthy smile but just don’t like the way their teeth look. The one or two-visit process can transform one or several of your teeth at once. They’re the perfect pick-me-up when you want the confidence to smile or laugh in front of other people.


Candidates for Dental Veneers

The very first step in the dental veneers process is determining if you’re a candidate for veneer treatment. You’ll need to have healthy teeth (no active decay or serious structural problems) and gums (no periodontal disease or serious gum recession.) A routine dental exam and basic X-rays are typically all that’s needed to ensure your mouth is healthy. You don’t want to place veneers over unhealthy teeth, because they could potentially trap active decay and then lead to more serious structural issues later on down the road.



Types of Dental Veneers to Consider

There’s more than just one type of dental veneer. In fact, the cost of dental veneers often depends on the type of design that you’re getting. The most popular (and dramatic) is the custom porcelain veneer. These designs are handcrafted in a lab out of durable ceramics for optimal aesthetics. There are also same-day or “chairside” dental veneers, which are shaped by hand and placed at the same appointment. Chairside veneers are typically best for situations involving one or two teeth. No-prep veneers are also something we’re asked about frequently! However, they should only be used in specific cases.


How Many Dental Veneers Will I Need?

On average, most people need about 6-8 dental veneers across their upper front teeth. The number of veneers needed will depend on the width of your “smile zone” and how many teeth are visible. During our digital smile design process, you can see what veneers can do to reshape your smile, making it easier to decide on a final number. It’s rare to get veneers on the lower front teeth, but not out of the question. How many restorations are necessary will also impact the cost of dental veneers from person to person.



The Dental Veneers Process

At Raleigh Dental Arts we use a digital smile design process that allows for an optimal design, fit, and outcome on every patient! The first stage starts with a consultation and review of financing options. If you’re ready to move forward, we can schedule you for your prep and placement appointments.



Your One-on-One Consultation

The first step to any dental veneers treatment is the personal consultation and exam. We’ll discuss things like what you want to change about your smile, your likes, and dislikes. You can even feel free to bring in photos from magazines or screenshots showing what you’re hoping to achieve. During this visit, we’ll provide a game plan for achieving your goals, then present a care plan that outlines the specific costs involved. There’s no commitment necessary, so your consultation is a great place to start when it comes to finding out if veneers are right for you.


The “Prep” Visit

If you’ve decided to go ahead and begin the treatment process, your first of two visits (for traditional porcelain veneers) will be the preparation appointment. During this visit, we’ll slightly adjust your teeth so that veneers can fit over them without looking bulky. A small amount of local anesthetic will likely be used to ensure your comfort. Then we’ll take a digital scan or impression and send it to our lab, where your veneers are designed by hand. In the meantime, we’ll place a set of temporary veneers over your teeth to minimize any sensitivity or irritation to the prepped areas.


Placement of Your Dental Veneers

About two weeks later, your permanent porcelain veneers will be ready to place. We’ll arrange to have you back into our Raleigh office for about an hour-long procedure. At that time, we’ll remove your temporary veneers and then bond each of the individual porcelain restorations to their respective tooth. This visit usually takes less than an hour to complete. The moment everything is bonded and cured in place, you’ll be able to look in the mirror at an entirely new smile! No whitening or braces necessary!


How Long do Dental Veneers Last?

On average, dental veneers last at least 10-15 years or more. The better you care for them, the longer they’re likely to last. Although veneers cannot develop decay, the tooth around them can. That’s why daily hygiene and routine checkups are essential. Our Raleigh cosmetic dentistry providers want you to get the best return on your investment. Porcelain veneers tend to last the longest, while chairside veneers are a bit more prone to everyday wear. However, each offers its own unique set of advantages!



Will I Need to Wear a Night Guard After Getting Veneers?

We do recommend sleeping in a night guard after getting veneers or any type of complex smile makeover. If you happen to grind or clench your teeth while you’re sleeping, the extra pressure may lead to chipping or fractures in the veneer’s structure. Wearing a protective nightguard adds a layer of protection to buffer the tension between your teeth so that there’s a lower risk of something breaking. Nightguards also extend the lifespan of other restorative work, such as dental crowns and bridges.



Daily Dental Veneer Care and Maintenance

The most important thing to remember when it comes to dental veneer maintenance is to brush and floss around each tooth every day. Yes, including the ones with veneers!

Use a gentle, non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to clean your veneers. Harsh products or baking soda may lead to surface scratches, dulled porcelain, and higher stain absorption.

Flossing will not pull your veneer off, but not flossing could lead to your veneer failing. When flossing, wrap the strand in a “C” shape around the side of the tooth and slide up and down several times, reaching up under the gumlines by 2-3 millimeters. Then lift the floss over the pointed gum tissue and move to the next tooth.



Cost of Dental Veneers in Raleigh

The cost of dental veneers in Raleigh depends on a couple of key factors, such as which type of dental veneer you’re getting and how many dental veneers you need. Once we’ve narrowed down these two specific details, we can also break down the cost of dental veneers by financing and payment options.

Chairside composite veneers are typically the most affordable. But they’re also less durable and typically only used on one or two teeth at a time. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, do tend to cost more but they offer optimal durability and maximum aesthetic appeal.

During your consultation, we can give you a general recommendation based on your specific smile’s needs, and then go from there.


Payment Plans and Financing

Get started on your dental veneer treatment right away, with our flexible financing options. The cost of dental veneers can easily fit into your monthly budget, thanks to our affordable payment plans. Finance all or a portion of your smile makeover and enjoy low or 0% interest for anywhere between 6-18 months, depending on the plan you qualify for. Investing in a new smile is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself!

Are dental veneers covered by insurance? Not usually. Since veneers are cosmetic restorations, we typically place them on healthy teeth instead of teeth with structural problems and disease. That being said, there are sometimes exceptions to the rule. For instance, a veneer might be more conservative for repairing a chipped tooth and preferred over a full-coverage crown; if that’s the case, it may be possible to work with your insurance company to get partial coverage on the veneer treatment.

Our financial coordinators will be happy to discuss any questions you have regarding dental veneer costs and financing plans.



Raleigh Smile Makeovers


Raleigh Dental Arts offers customized cosmetic dentistry to adults of all ages. Enjoy a gorgeous new smile at a price you can afford. Our custom dental veneers treatments can give you the confidence you need to smile all day long.  Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and digital smile design!

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