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Dr. Nate Leedy


In a word, that’s how you can describe Dr. Nathaniel Leedy, Associate General Dentist at Raleigh Dental Arts, and his approach to life. It’s all about service.

Service to the dental patients who seek his care. Service to his country as a U.S. Naval Officer. Service to the planet as a Peace Corps marine conservationist. Service to his family every day.

“Service, as a dentist, means I can contribute to someone’s quality of life. That’s my favorite part of the job,” Dr. Leedy says.

Meet Dr. Leedy and learn more about how service is a key component of his life, every day.

Tell us about your family:
My wife and I have two little boys ages 5 and 3. My wife is a realtor who works part time but hopes to work full time when both boys are in school.

Where did you grow up?
Harrisburg, PA. My dad and mom have a dental practice there. He’s a dentist and she’s a dental hygienist. They have had the practice for over 40 years.

Is that why you’re a dentist?
I didn’t want to be a dentist at all! I grew up too close to that. I wanted to be a marine biologist but I had a change of heart and ended up at dental school on a US Navy scholarship. It was challenging and rewarding being a dental officer in the US Navy.

What did your experience in the Navy teach you?
Essentially, you are dedicating yourself to the well-being of those who serve and ensuring, from a health perspective, they are fit and ready. The Navy teaches you about leading by example, being flexible, and the importance of preparedness. It teaches you to be resourceful. There are times you are tasked to run the show. So you always have to be ready for that. I learned there’s a lot more to dentistry than being a clinician.

Tell us more about the Peace Corps and what you learned from that experience.
I was a Peace Corps volunteer from 2000 to 2002 on an island in the Pacific, in a region called Micronesia. I was assigned to help the local people in the sustainable management of their marine resources, fish and coral reefs. Together we collected data to track the health of the ocean and the fish and coral. We also went into schools and spoke with students about the importance of preserving the islands marine habitats.

Tell us your philosophy about life in three words.
Be your best.

And that means …
In life, give 110 percent in everything you do. No matter what you do, whether it’s your work or your family, give it your best. In dentistry, it means delivering the best customer service to your patients, creating the most comfortable environment for them, and creating the very best product for their needs.

Finish this sentence. My friends describe me as …
Down to earth

My patients would describe me as …

Why do you love your work?
As a dentist, I love my work because I am a problem solver. Also, I get to design and restore dentition using the latest and greatest technology available in the dental field. This includes 3D technology used to diagnose patients’ dental ailments, as well as 3D technology used for fabricating dental restorations and appliances.
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Dr. Leedy's Family
The Leedy family


Dr. Leedy lives with his family in Apex. In his spare time, you’ll find him biking or walking local greenways in and around Raleigh. His favorite trip is a visit to the Outer Banks with his wife and kids. He enjoys home renovation projects, deep sea fishing and scuba diving.

Dr. Leedy’s Education

Graduated with a BS Biology from University of the South, Sewanee, TN.
Graduated with a DMD from Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Leedy’s Experience

11+ years of experience practicing general dentistry
5 years practicing dentistry in the U.S. Navy, including residency in the AEGD post graduate program
6+ years in private practice in Colorado and North Carolina


Naval and Marine Corps Achievement Medal

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