Full Arch Dental Implants: Q&A

One of the most popular full mouth reconstruction treatments available is “full arch dental implants.” Some people refer to this treatment as “All-on-4”, “All-on-6”, or even “teeth in a day”, depending on the type of implants you’re looking to get. Ultimately full arch implants provide one of the most innovative and comfortable ways to replace all of your missing teeth. And they’re available right here in Raleigh!


Are Full Arch Implants Better Than Dentures?


Absolutely! With a traditional denture, the prosthesis rests on your gums and creates a seal to help hold it in place. But unfortunately for a lot of people, the “plate” can cause sore spots, slip around throughout the day, alter their speech, and even make it more challenging to enjoy their meals.


Full arch implants provide a streamlined appliance that never slips out of place. That means no messy adhesives or uncomfortable rubbing. It follows the natural contour of your smile, freeing up the roof of your mouth. And the slimmer design means it won’t interfere with the way you talk or eat. Full arch implants give you better chewing capabilities than dentures because implants are stronger than teeth.


How Many Implants Will I Actually Need?

Since dental implants are so strong, you won’t need as many of them to support a full arch prosthesis. That’s why popular brands like All-on-4 implants are so successful. They utilize four strategically placed implants to permanently anchor the hybrid appliance. Depending on your unique anatomy, our Raleigh full mouth implant treatments may use anywhere from 4-6 implants per arch.


There’s not a need to place an individual implant in the exact location of each missing tooth. The set that’s installed can predictably support the device similar to an extended dental bridge. As the restorations are suspended between and over the implants, your entire arch is restored.


Will My Full Arch Dental Implants Look Real?

Today’s modern dental ceramics, porcelains, and acrylics allow us to select from a tier of aesthetic materials. When it comes to cosmetics and function, our Raleigh implants can be crafted in a way that compliments your smile’s natural appearance.


During your treatment, we’ll specifically design the full arch implants to have teeth with specific shapes, contours, color, and hue. Your preferences play a direct role in how you want your new smile to look. As we take your existing characteristics into play, we’ll help you determine the best colors and shapes of teeth that look natural for your unique anatomy. We want your full arch implants to look and feel as real as possible. Sometimes that means selecting a slightly different hue than you might expect, just so that nothing looks artificial.


Is Full Arch Dental Implants Rehabilitation Painful?

Most people are pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and straightforward their implant treatment is. The emotional pain of embarrassment and lifestyle impacts are often the greater concern. Once you have a healthy new set of “teeth”, you’ll feel more comfortable on a day to day basis.


During full-arch implant treatment, we utilize local anesthetics and optional sedation as needed. Surprisingly, getting dental implants placed is — to most people — more comfortable than having a tooth extracted! And since the experience is streamlined into a comprehensive care plan, any potential discomfort is kept to a minimum. Most people only need the occasional over-the-counter pain reliever for managing mild post-surgical irritation. No, we’re not kidding.


How Much do Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost?


Investing in full arch implants costs less than it would to place an individual implant and crown in each tooth location. The sets of implants are durable enough to suspend your full-arch prosthesis for a streamlined experience and price. Implant therapy can often be applied to your dental insurance coverage, minimizing the price of full arch rehabilitation. During your consultation, our treatment plan coordinators will draft a care plan that incorporates your expected coverage amounts (everyone’s plan is different, even if it may be the same carrier) to outline the cost of implants in Raleigh.


Since full arch implants provide a better return on investment than dentures, you will likely discover that the initial cost is well worth considering. Implants can last a lifetime, so it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll ever have to be changed out (like dentures do.)


And if you don’t have insurance or part of your implant treatment isn’t covered, you can easily finance the remaining balance on a low month to month basis.


How Much Time is Involved?

Dental implants need at least a few months to fully “integrate”. The integration process is where your bone forms and fuses with the implant surface, permanently anchoring them into place. Applying too much pressure at the very beginning could result in delayed healing or poor integration.


Depending on your existing dental health and where your implants are being placed, the total full mouth reconstruction timeline may span anywhere from 3-6 months. Rest assured, we have steps in place to prevent you from having to “go without teeth” throughout the process. Interim restorations and healing caps protect your implants as they integrate while still allowing you to smile and eat comfortably.


Will I Need to Have Teeth Extracted?


The design of full-arch dental implants is a hybrid appliance that spans the entire width of your upper or lower arch of teeth. In other words, it replaces all of them at the same time. If there are existing teeth in their way, you have one of two options: remove the teeth (dental extractions) or select a different type of implant prostheses, such as individual implants or implant bridges.


We recommend extracting teeth for full mouth reconstruction if they are extremely worn, diseased, or non-restorable. While it’s almost always our goal to preserve natural teeth, there are instances where some are too damaged to try to repair. The best solution for your overall mouth could be to have them extracted before the full arch implants being installed.


Can I Sleep Through the Procedure?

Sedation dentistry in Raleigh provides a comfortable experience for our implant patients. Although you’re not technically “asleep” per se, the sedative can make you feel drowsy or a little day-dreamy. Some dental sedation even creates an amnesic effect where you don’t remember anything after the treatment is completed.


A lot of people are surprised to learn how comfortable getting dental implants can be. As long as the installation sites are thoroughly numbed with local anesthetic, you may not need sedation at all. But we highly encourage our patients to consider sedation if they want to tune everything out or simply enjoy the most relaxing experience possible.



Does it Matter Which Dentist I Choose?


Yes. Investing in something as life-changing as full arch dental implants mean you want to be extremely careful when you choose your implant dentist. In Raleigh, we have years of experience working with hundreds of patients per year. The extensive training and skill of our dentists ensure a predictable and efficient implant experience for each patient.


Not all Raleigh dentists offer dental implants or full arch reconstruction. During your consultation process be sure to ask how many cases they’ve completed, or even ask to see before and after photos of similar treatments.


Select a Raleigh implant dentist with the correct technology at their office. Since digital imaging and mapping can provide a more streamlined (and accurate) experience, technology plays a key role in your comfort and treatment outcome.



Is Financing Available?

Absolutely. With a life-changing experience like full arch dental implants, we want to make the process as affordable as possible. That’s why we work closely with your insurance plan to maximize your benefits and then provide additional financing options for anything that isn’t covered. And if you don’t have dental insurance, you can still get low-interest financing on the entire implant experience.


Implant financing allows you to access affordable monthly payment plans that fit your current budget. In some cases, the financing is as low as 0% interest, as long as it’s paid off within 12-18 months (exclusions apply.) Access life-changing treatment without having to delay it a day longer.



How Long do Full Arch Dental Implants Last?

Today’s dental implants — with the right care and maintenance — can last for the rest of your life. That’s why they’re often the best financial investment for replacing missing teeth. Occasionally the fixed restoration on top of your implants may need to be updated due to wear. Keep in mind that you’ll need to thoroughly clean them each day to keep the supporting gum and bone tissues as healthy as possible. Implants don’t get cavities, but gum infections could result in complications or failure of your prosthesis. Great oral hygiene is essential.



Best Implant Dentist in Raleigh


At Raleigh Dental Arts we provide comprehensive dental implant therapy, full mouth reconstruction, and full arch dental implant treatment. Comfortable sedation options and payment plans are also available! Contact our dentist in Raleigh today to request a consultation.


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