How Much do Dental Implants Cost in Raleigh?

Are you getting ready to invest in dental implants? Modern implant designs offer one of the best returns on investment when it comes to tooth replacement and oral rehabilitation. Unlike conventional teeth replacements, a dental implant is both non-invasive and designed to last the rest of your life.


It’s no surprise that one of the biggest questions our Raleigh implant dentist gets is, “how much do dental implants cost?” It all depends on a few different factors, such as the health of your bone, how many implants you’ll need, and the type of implant restoration you’re getting. And when you add dental insurance and financing into the scenario, you can lower your out-of-pocket costs in a way that easily fits your monthly budget.


Know Exactly What to Expect


One of the things that makes our Raleigh implant dentist different is that we’re up-front about our fees. We don’t cut corners or sacrifice quality. And when we provide you with a price for implant treatment, it includes the associated procedures that go along with the specific price of the implant itself. Such as the “tooth” that goes on top of it (restoration). For example, if you see an implant advertised for $2,500, you need to make sure that the price is for everything; it might not include the additional steps that are needed to prep and finalize your tooth replacement. The price may just be for the stand-alone implant without anything else. And why would you want that?!


Fortunately, we do things differently at Raleigh Dental Arts. When we provide quotes for implant therapy and smile reconstruction, we’re transparent about the total price of your care. And to reduce your out-of-pocket costs, we can also work with your dental insurance carrier. Everything is printed out on a step-by-step treatment plan before you commit to treatment. There are no hidden surprises or fees.


Cost of Single Tooth Dental Implants in Raleigh


If you want to replace one stand-alone tooth, you’ll need an individual dental implant with a single crown on top of it. The cost of an implant only covers the “root” portion of your new tooth, so it’s important to consider the cost of which restoration you’re choosing. Our office provides custom ceramic crowns for a durable restoration that blends in with your smile. If you’re replacing a single tooth with an implant, plus a crown, you can usually expect the total cost to be around $3,000-$4,000. That’s everything, not just the implant. So, if you’re getting a second opinion or shopping the price of implants in Raleigh, be sure to ask about the cost of crowns as well. You can’t replace your tooth without one! Keep in mind, you may be able to apply the balance to your insurance, but even if you don’t have coverage you can choose to finance the treatment on a month-to-month basis.


When you compare the cost of a single implant to something like a traditional bridge (which anchors on top of healthy teeth) you tend to see a better return on investment as the years go by. Since implants normally don’t have to be changed out every several years, they effectively reduce the total price of dental care throughout the course of your lifetime. But better yet, they look and feel like real teeth.



Cost of Multi-Tooth Dental Implant Bridges


When you have a few teeth in a row that are missing, we can place a pair of implants (one at either side of the space) and support a multi-tooth bridge on top of them. Costs can vary, based on the number of implants that are needed and how many teeth are missing. For example, we might use just two implants to support a three-unit (tooth) bridge, with the total cost somewhere around $8,000-$9,000. Or if we need to replace four teeth with 2-3 implants and a bridge, it’s usually somewhere between $10,000-$12,000. We can provide you with a more specific price quote after examining your unique anatomy. This price does not include any dental benefits that you may be able to apply!


Cost of Hybrid or All-on-4 implants


Are you looking to replace all of your teeth (that is, in your upper arch or lower arch) at once? A hybrid, full-arch appliance is a great solution. This type of dental implant treatment uses around four strategically placed implants to support a permanent hybrid “bridge” or “implant denture.” It’s slimmer and contoured to the shape of your mouth, as opposed to removable dentures that rely on suction to keep them in place. These treatments become a permanent part of your smile. Popular brands of hybrid implant dentures include “All-on-4”. Some dentists even call them “All-on-6”.


Placing a hybrid design to replace all upper (or lower) teeth on top of four implants usually costs between $25,000-$30,000. This price range includes all of the implants, placement, and the final appliance. That’s around $2,000 per missing tooth.


Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?


Looking for an implant dentist in Raleigh that takes insurance? We do! Raleigh Dental Arts is an in-network provider and works with most popular dental insurance carriers. Just be sure to bring a copy of your insurance card to your implant consultation! Our patient care coordinators will call to verify all of your benefits and get a breakdown of what is covered under your unique plan. Even if you have the same insurance carrier as someone else, the type of plan that your employer (or you’ve) selected can differ from other patients. By getting a detailed outline of your policy, our treatment coordinators can cross-reference your coverage against the price of dental implants. We’ll do all the math for you, so that you can see a detailed estimate of what’s covered (and by how much) or what isn’t.


Working closely with your insurance helps our in-network provider keep the cost of your dental implants in Raleigh — and other oral health services — as low as possible.



Can I Finance My Dental Implant Treatment?


Absolutely. Dental financing can either be used on its own, or in combination with your existing insurance benefits. That means if your insurance covers half of a procedure, you can take the other half and apply it toward a payment plan. Depending on the type of financing you’re looking for (our Raleigh implant dentist works with CareCredit and Green Sky) you can get 0% or low-interest financing on the remaining balance.


Some types of monthly payment plans allow you to pay off the entire balance at 0% interest, as long as it’s paid within the specified time frame; this could be around 12 months, depending on the terms. Or you can spread the monthly payments out even longer at low-interest rates in order to get the numbers to work with your budget.


The best part about implant financing is that it allows you to get started on your treatment right away. There’s no more waiting. You can immediately take steps toward enjoying your healthy new smile. Most of our patients can apply for and get approved for financing before or on the same day as their implant consultation.


Special Considerations


Have you ever been told that you do not qualify for dental implants? It may not be that you are not a candidate, but rather that the provider you’re seeing isn’t equipped with the resources they need for a more complex case. At Raleigh Dental Arts, we partner with local specialists such as oral surgeons and anesthesiologists to make dental implants possible, even in unconventional scenarios. For instance, you might need a bone or soft tissue graft to ensure that there’s a healthy foundation for your implant before it’s installed. If you require general anesthesia or an oral surgery to make implants possible, these factors will increase the total cost of getting implants. Fortunately, we can make you aware of these factors in advance — during your consultation and treatment plan — before you commit to taking the next steps.


Maintaining Your Investment


Raleigh Dental Arts wants you to have dental implants that last for life. That means incorporating a dedicated hygiene plan into your day-to-day routine. It’s important to brush and floss around your implants the same as you would your natural teeth. Investing in a water flosser can help to clean hard-to-reach spaces, such as under a bridge or hybrid/full-arch design.


Additionally, be sure to schedule a six-month checkup and cleaning to remove any buildup that accumulated since your last visit. This step helps extent the lifetime of your implants, reducing your cost of dental care over the course of your lifetime. At Raleigh Dental Arts we’ve invested in special implant maintenance equipment that allows for gentle, effective cleansing around each appliance while keeping your gums safe.


We’re here to help you enjoy a new smile for life. When it comes to implant placement, financing, and ongoing maintenance, our highly trained staff can offer you some of the best implant care in Raleigh.


Find out if dental implants are right for you. Call Raleigh Dental Arts today to request a no-pressure consultation!



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