How to Choose an Invisalign Dentist in Raleigh

Any time you’re choosing a new dentist, there are some basic things you need to look for. Choosing an Invisalign dentist is no different. Even though Invisalign is a specific type of orthodontic therapy, you don’t necessarily have to see an orthodontist to get the treatment. If your dentist has gone through the appropriate training channels to become an Invisalign certified provider, you can complete all of your dental care under the same roof.


If you’re in the earliest stages of trying to find an Invisalign dentist in Raleigh (whether it’s for yourself or your teen), here are a few important things to keep in mind:


Read Invisalign Dentist Online Reviews

These days who doesn’t rely on websites like Yelp!,Google, Facebook, or ZocDoc? Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant, roofer, or yes — even an Invisalign Dentist — it can really help your planning process to see what others in your area have to say. Does a particular dentist or orthodontist have a plethora of raving reviews? Great! Scan over them to pick up on the “theme” in the review comments to see why people like them so much. Is that a feature that you’re looking for?


As with any review service, just remember to take bad reviews with a grain of salt.  People are usually more than happy to go online and blast somebody about something they don’t like (even if they’re in the wrong.) So, what you want to look for with online reviews of dentists is, again, a consistency or theme in their online reviews. Average ratings will provide you with the best inclination of whether they’re a “good” Invisalign dentist or not.



Ask About Cost of Invisalign Treatment


Hands down, the biggest cost variable for Invisalign treatment is dependent upon how long the treatment will take. Some people only need minor tooth movement or “accelerated” Invisalign to straighten out a few front teeth. Like if they experienced orthodontic relapse from wearing braces years earlier. Shorter cosmetic treatments such as this scenario don’t require as many trays to move your teeth into alignment. Fewer trays = lower cost.


On the other hand, it takes more aligners to adjust the position of moderate to severely misaligned teeth. As you have already probably guessed, more aligners mean a higher cost to produce them than short-term cases. Even though you can probably get an average cost of Invisalign in Raleigh, the exact dollar amount will depend on the complexity of your case and if you have any type of insurance coverage.


The best way to get a price quote on Invisalign is to schedule a consultation. That being said, you can feel free to ask various offices if they’re running specials or have an “average” Invisalign cost to work with. Just keep in mind that other variables will come into play.



Check Out Your Invisalign Dentist’s Experience and Training



How extensive your tooth misalignment needs are will impact the overall cost of Invisalign treatment. But it also plays into choosing the best Invisalign dentist. Why? Because the more experienced your provider is, the better equipped they are to help you tackle complex tooth misalignment concerns. If you have a significant overbite, crossbite, or severe crowding and gaps, you really want to work with an Invisalign provider who’s been using the clear alignment system for a longer amount of time. Their personal experience and training will help them as they care for you, ensuring you can achieve the results you’re looking for. And chances are the longer they’ve been working with Invisalign, the more likely they will have a smile gallery of before and after photos from similar cases.


People who have more complex tooth alignment needs will want a provider with first-hand experience managing those types of situations. Even though most people only wear Invisalign trays during treatment, there are instances where temporary “buttons” or similar devices are necessary (especially with severely misaligned teeth.) More experienced Invisalign dentists will have the confidence to tackle those types of concerns instead of refer you out to a separate orthodontic provider.



Make Sure Your Raleigh Invisalign Dentist is a Certified Provider


Not every dentist is trained or certified to provide Invisalign braces. Working with one with the additional credentials (such as an Invisalign preferred provider) will ensure you’ve chosen someone with the right training. It also helps prevent the need for traveling back and forth between multiple offices, if you prefer to keep seeing the same dentist for your treatment.


In order for a general or cosmetic dentist to provide Invisalign services, they’ll have to have completed certain courses and training sessions. Make sure their certification is current and consider asking how many cases they complete per year.



Is Your Invisalign Dentist in Network?

Sometimes the insurance agreement your carrier has with local dentists can affect your out-of-pocket care costs. In-network dentists are committed to a pre-set contractual plan that sets the dollar amount they’re allowed to charge for specific services. When they’re in-network, patients have a more black and white configuration of total care costs (depending on the type of treatment they’re getting.)


But don’t assume you absolutely have to see a dentist that’s in-network. Sometimes you can still use your insurance benefits (if it’s a PPO) at an out-of-network dental practice. Especially if it’s with a provider you already like, comes heavily recommended, or you just get good “vibes” from when you talk to their office. Sure, there may be a bit of a price difference compared to in-network dentists, but it might not be as big as what you expect.



Find Out if They Offer Financing

Although a lot of dental insurance plans include orthodontic coverage, many don’t. Or the benefits only cover braces and Invisalign up to a certain age. So, if you’re older than the cutoff or perhaps you don’t have orthodontic coverage, financing plans are usually a big factor in choosing to start treatment.


Every Invisalign dentist or orthodontist in Raleigh is different when it comes to their payment policies. Some will require a down payment. Others allow you to pay with a credit card, or help you sign up for a monthly auto-draft for a flat fee until treatment is complete. Or you might find an office that works with 3rd party financing platforms like CareCredit. Depending on which option you go with, some offer 0% interest or low-interest options. It’s unlikely that you’ll get locked into one specific choice; most dentists will have at least a couple of different ways you can go about paying for Invisalign treatment. If they don’t, it will probably be more difficult to work the clear braces into your budget without dental insurance.


If you’re looking to finance your Invisalign, you can usually get started on treatment immediately without having to delay it. Most pre-approvals are completed on the same day as your initial consultation.


Why Choose an Invisalign Dentist?


In a world full of cosmetic braces and clear aligners, is seeing an Invisalign dentist really worth it? We think so. Invisalign is the system that revolutionized clear alignment “braces” without brackets and wires. Their long track record for success and advanced technology means better accuracy for our patients and a more predictable treatment experience.


Invisalign’s aligners are backed by over 20 years of data, software, and quality materials. As treatments adapt with technology, patient care continues to be some of the best available among competitor alignment tray manufacturers. If you elect to work with a Raleigh dentist who uses lesser-known clear braces brands, there’s a chance that they may not have as much experience or access to patient support resources.


Invisalign is the leader when it comes to the best invisible braces and clear aligners on the market. And we’re proud that it’s one of our top therapeutic and cosmetic services here at our Raleigh dental office.



Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

The absolute best way to find a great Invisalign dentist in the Raleigh area is to visit with them face to face. One of the things we do here at Raleigh Dental Arts is provide complimentary Invisalign consultations. This brief, zero-pressure evaluation gives you a chance to ask questions related to your case, meet our team (to see if we’re a good fit), and get all of the specifics related to your unique needs. Like breakdowns on time requirements, costs involved, financing, etc.


Have you already seen another Invisalign dentist for an exam? If you’re not getting the warm fuzzies, it’s completely reasonable to seek out a second opinion. Since your consultation is usually free, it allows you to feel more confident about choosing the best Invisalign dentist for your needs.


How can an Invisalign consultation be free, especially if you need photographs, X-rays, or digital scans? Since not everyone qualifies for treatment, the cost of screening is kept to a minimum.



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