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3-D Cone Beam CT Scanner.

Expert 3D Precision

Dr. Agarwal’s dental office in Raleigh is one of the few offices with an on-site 3-D Cone Beam CT Scanner. This revolutionary technology provides three-dimensional views that allow Dr. Agarwal and his team to thoroughly assess and plan each patient prior to any procedure. Unlike a traditional CT Scanner, this 3-D system utilizes Cone Beam Technology and provides Dr. Agarwal with precise, crystal-clear images. 

The information that the scan offers is invaluable to Dr. Agarwal during the assessment and planning phases of dental implants and many other surgeries. He is able to accurately visualize and prepare for bone quality, the location of sinuses, nerves and other vital anatomical landmarks. Dr. Agarwal utilizes this scan prior to surgery to improve his patient’s experience and deliver a positive treatment outcome.

Digital Radiographs

Digital x-rays are fast, comfortable, and efficient in oral health assessment. More importantly, they require no chemical processing and they emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays!

Digital x-rays can shorten your dental appointment! With traditional x-rays, the patient will have to wait while the dental professional chemically develops the film. With digital x-rays, the sensor is able to instantly develop the x-ray and it projects onto the computer screen right before your eyes. Once on the screen, Dr. Agarwal is able to enlarge or magnify the x-ray for a better visual of your tooth and bone structure.

CEREC® Technology

With our CEREC technology, we can take a digital impression of your mouth, digitally design your restoration, mill your new ceramic crown and place the crown in one sitting, rather than having to send your physical impressions out to a lab to make your crown. Our tooth-colored restorations are metal free, long lasting and extremely durable. With our same-day crowns service, there is no temporary crown involved and you can leave our office the same day with your permanent crown and tooth.
Erbium AMD Laser

Erbium Laser

Lasers have been used in dentistry for more than 20 years and are FDA approved for treating soft tissue, like gums, and hard tissues such as teeth and bone. At Raleigh Dental Arts, we use this specific laser for our infant lip and tongue tie revisions.

Itero 3D Scanner

With this digital scanner, our doctors can create a 3D image of your teeth in just minutes. With these three-dimensional images, we can more easily and accurately show how your Invisalign® treatment will look. It also makes the setup portion of the treatment three times faster.
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