Ageing Smile

Your Aging Smile

First, it’s your hair: gray streaks and a receding hairline. Then it shows around your eyes, and near your lips as smile and laugh lines. Your body doesn’t recover as quickly after exercise or work, and you find yourself unable to sleep in like you used to. Your skin gets drier, thinner. You’re more prone to injury, so you find yourself doing fewer of the things that could get you hurt. You notice it in your smile last, but only because it changes so minutely over time that you can’t see it from day to day.

Ageing is hard on everyone’s body. But with Dr Agarwal’s help, you can turn back time on your teeth! These are the areas that may need to be addressed:


Every day you use your teeth; unless your jaw has been wired shut, they have no rest. After years of use, they may become smaller and uneven. Where teeth hit continually, the enamel may wear off, exposing the tooth underneath.


Aged teeth are usually yellowed or brown. This may be caused by heavy tobacco use, or drinks like coffee, tea, cola, or wine, but it could also be caused by years of plaque accumulation or worn off enamel that has exposed the darker colored dentin.


It is not uncommon for older teeth to become brittle and more prone to breakage. In a younger person, a broken tooth is more likely caused by a cavity or biting on something too hard for the teeth. In an older person, it is not uncommon for a tooth to break without an obvious external cause. The structure of the tooth simply wears down over time.

Old Restorations

Restorations like fillings, crowns, and bridges are not as strong as your teeth. They will wear out in a shorter amount of time.  You can expect 10-15 years from these kinds of restorations, and they often lead to the need for more extensive work.

Get A More Youthful Smile

Dr. Agarwal’s main concern is that his patients’ teeth are healthy. But he also knows that your smile is part of your first impression, so he wants them to look great, too.  There are several treatments available to help restore your teeth to a whiter, brighter appearance.


An in-office whitening treatment can remove stains and increase the brightness of your teeth by several shades.


If your teeth have shifted or become misshapen through your life, you may benefit from porcelain veneers. These micro-thin shells cover the wear and discolouration age brings, making your teeth appear straighter, longer, and whiter.

Dental Implants

Whether you just need one new tooth or a whole new set, implants are the best treatment available.

If you’re ready to take charge of your ageing smile, contact Raleigh Dental Arts today for a consultation appointment. Dr Agarwal wants to help you turn back the clock on your dental health!

Tarun Agarwal

Dr. Tarun Agarwal, DDS is considered one of the top dentists in the country. He is a recognized speaker, author, and dental leader. He has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and News 14 Carolina. Dr. Agarwal has been awarded '40 under 40' Business Leaders by the Triangle Business Journal. He is regularly invited to teach other dentists around the world and recently built a training center within the practice dedicated to sharing his expertise. Most importantly he is a loving husband and dedicated father of three wonderful children. His biggest accolade was being voted 'Best Dad in the World' by 2 of his 3 kids.